Schiersteiner Rheinbrücke

SM-17 sn.1059 Mainz

Construction site: Schiersteiner Rheinbrücke

Hessen longest road bridge

Over 50 years ago in Hesse longest road bridge Schiersteiner Rhein bridge with a length of 1.280 m between Mainz and Wiesbaden went into operation. Back then designed on the B 262 for a traffic volume of 20,000 vehicles / day, the existing building is no longer able to traffic technical requirements of the A643 with more than 90,000 vehicles / day, in part due to his poor structural condition today. With the construction of the bridge Schiersteiner the needle eye in the western Rhein-Main area is to be defuses in two phases by 2019.


Temporary 63.5 mm GEWI piles as a foundation for a temporary bridge after the demolition.

Drilling diameter: 133 mm

Drilling depth: 15 m

Rinsing with air